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Tubing for Biopharma Applications

Biopharmaceutical Silicone Tubing and Fluid Handling products

All BioPharm Processing    Applications


PharmaFocus® Premium is a high purity silicone tubing fabricated using a premium silicone raw material specifically formulated to meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical and bioprocessing critical flow applications.

PharmaFocus® Premium offers full validation and extractables testing for platinum unreinforced, braid-reinforced, and peristaltic pump tubing. 

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TPE Tubing for Bioprocess and Pump Applications

PharmaFocus® Premium

TPE tubing to suit a wide range of high-performance fluid transfer requirements for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. HelixFlex™ is heat sealable, weldable, sterilizable, and manufactured in a certified cleanroom.

An ideal choice for demanding fluid transfer, bioprocess lines, filling and sampling, and peristaltic pump applications.

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For BioPharm Laboratories  and Medical Devices


The world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies rely on HelixMark® for an extensive selection of platinum-cured silicone tubing, stoppers and clamp gaskets.  Suitable for pharmaceutical non-critical flow applications.

Available in a wide array of product types and sizes. HelixMark® products are manufactured in the U.S. and Germany in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom. Material certification and lot traceability provided with every product.

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Molded TC Ends for Single-Use Systems


Freudenberg cleanroom manufactures over-molded Tri-Clamp® ends for silicone tubing.  An alternative to standard barbed TC connections.  HelixTC™ molded sanitary ends are available in standard and mini molded TC styles up to 1 ½ inch outer diameter or 50 mm.  Custom sizes available.

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